St Anselm's: Minister

The Rev Jannet Mudavanhu was ordained as a minister with the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe in 1996. She moved to England in 2002 to undertake further studies at Birmingham University majoring in Pastoral Theology for both her MA and PhD. In 2016 Jannet moved to New Zealand to serve as a minister with the Hutt City Uniting Congregations under the Methodist Church of New Zealand. In 2020 Jannet was minister at the Beckenham Methodist Church in Christchurch.
On 1st February 2023, Jannet was appointed as minister of Trinity Union Parish in Newtown and St Anselm's Union Church in Karori. This shared-ministry with two separate parishes is a new venture for not just Jannet but also for Trinity and St Anselm's and their relevant partner churches. These include the Methodist Church of New Zealand, the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Congregational Union of New Zealand.
Under the shared-ministry arrangement, Jannet apportions 60% of her time with St Anselm's and 40% with Trinity. This means Jannet takes the service at St Anselm's on the first 2 Sundays in the month and the 4th Sunday on alternate months. This arrangement is overseen by a small Trinity / St Anselm's "Reference Group" responsible for ensuring that Jannet does not become a fulltime minister for both parishes!
The St Anselm"s congregation is a very self-reliant group with a history of part time ministers. Jannet fulfils her ministry role in partnership with the Parish Council and the parish's pastoral care and worship teams and other key people.
Jannet brings a wealth of experience in "pastor-ministering" and says:
"The premise from which my leadership emits is of love: We are pilgrims whose lives are so woven together and where love is known and shared - that is where God is. My approach is always to model God's love to all. To be inclusive in my theology and affirming to all people without regard to race, ethnic origin, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, different abilities or socioeconomic status. My leadership aims to equip and inspire all congregation members to be an active part of the church's ministry and to be truer to who they are."
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